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Google Chrome Update: Security of Chrome users is again in danger, know what to do to protect yourself..

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As the use of technology is increasing in the country, information about online threats is also coming to the fore. Most people do not know how to avoid online threats, so they easily become victims of it. Meanwhile, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team i.e. CERT-In has issued a big warning regarding the popular web browser Google Chrome. The simple reason behind the government's alert is to protect the common people from danger. CERT-In has found many flaws in some versions of Chrome, which can be a big threat to users.

Flaws found in some versions of Google Chrome
CERT-In has said in its advice that flaws have been found in some versions of Google Chrome. These flaws target some target systems. Also, its maximum impact has been seen on the desktop. The report states that through the flaws found in Google Chrome, users' devices can be attacked remotely. Also, users' data, banking details, personal information, and important passwords can be stolen. Apart from this, users can also be scammed based on stolen information.

CERT-In gave this information
CERT-In has said in its report that many vulnerabilities can be transmitted to the user's device through the desktop system on the user's web page. These vulnerabilities can be attacked through large APIs, media sessions, and keyboard access. The government agency has said in its report that it has been found in Google Chrome's 125.0.6422.141/.142 and Mac and Google Chrome version 125.0.6422.141. This flaw has been discovered recently. The security of users using these versions is at risk.

What users have to do
The report further states that to avoid this problem, users have to install Chrome's new security patch on their devices as soon as possible.

For this, go to your browser and click on the three dots given on the right side.

Then go to Settings and then go to About Chrome and check for updates.
If you find any updates, click on them and restart your device after the installation is complete.

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