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Gmail Tips: Five settings of Gmail that will make you smart, take note..

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We hope that those who are reading this news will be using Gmail. Even if you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you must be using Gmail. There are so many features in Gmail that very few people are aware of and those who are aware of them are very smart and their work gets done easily. If you also change these five settings of your Gmail, then you can at least become smart when it comes to Gmail. Let us know...

Customize Notifications

By default, all emails on Gmail receive notifications, which can be annoying at times. These e-mails also include spam and marketing mail. These can be filtered on both Android and iPhone. You can divide these emails into categories.

Mobile signature

After turning on this feature, a signature will automatically go with all the e-mails sent from the phone. It may contain information like your phone number, and information about yourself. You can turn it on and edit it by going to the email settings. Once set up it will go by default with all mail.

Out-of-office auto-reply

If you also want that no one should bother you by sending e-mails during vacation, then this feature is for you. You can customize the Out of Office auto reply by day in Settings. You can also choose the ‘send to my contacts only’ option.

e-mail schedule

You can also schedule e-mails after which the e-mail will be sent automatically at the time specified by you. Now, just like you send a mail, compose the mail with the ID of the person to whom you want to send it and save it in draft. Now instead of clicking on send, click on the drop-down menu below. Now click on Schedule Send. After this, you will get the option of a date and time. Now after selecting the time and date, the e-mail will be scheduled and will be automatically sent at the scheduled time.

Undo message

Many times we send e-mail in a hurry which reaches the wrong person. Since 2015, Gmail has given users 30 seconds to correct their mistakes after clicking send. That means you can stop the mail for 30 seconds after sending it. For this, you have to increase the time limit of Undo Send by going to the settings. After this, if you send the mail by mistake, you can stop it from being sent within 30 seconds.

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