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Gas Cylinder Price Cut: Good news before exit polls, gas cylinders became cheaper by this many rupees


Today i.e. on May 1, the final phase of voting for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is going to start. Exit polls will flood the media this evening. Meanwhile, gas cylinder prices in the country have been updated. Oil companies have reduced the prices of commercial gas cylinders for the third consecutive month. In these three months, commercial gas cylinders have become cheaper by ₹ 119 to ₹ 124 in four major metros. In June alone, prices have fallen by ₹ 70 to ₹ 72. Let us know if there has been any change in the prices of domestic gas cylinders.

Commercial gas cylinders became cheaper

According to IOCL, the prices of commercial gas cylinders have come down in four major metros. The price of commercial gas cylinders in Delhi and Mumbai has come down by ₹ 69.5, bringing the prices to ₹ 1,676 and ₹ 1,629 respectively. In Kolkata, prices have been reduced by ₹72, resulting in a new price of ₹1,787. In Chennai, the price has been reduced by ₹70.5, taking the new price to ₹1,840.50.

Price reduction in three months

Notably, commercial gas cylinder prices have come down for the third consecutive month, resulting in a significant reduction overall. In Delhi, prices have come down by ₹119, while in Kolkata, the reduction has been the highest at ₹124. In Mumbai and Chennai, prices have come down by ₹120 equally. Experts suggest that commercial gas cylinder prices may continue to come down in the coming months.

What about domestic gas cylinders?

The big question is whether domestic gas cylinder prices have come down. The answer is no. However, this does not mean that prices have increased. There has been no change in domestic gas cylinder prices since March 9. The last time the price was cut was on March 9 by Rs 100. Since then, the price of a domestic gas cylinder in Delhi has remained at Rs 803. In Mumbai, it is Rs 829, in Kolkata it is Rs 802.50 and in Chennai, it is Rs 818.50.

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