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Gas Cylinder- Is your gas cylinder expired? Check it like this.


If we talk about today's time, people are dependent on gas cylinders for cooking, there was a time when food was cooked on the stove by breaking wood from the jungle, in such a situation, if we talk about gas cylinders, then not everyone knows about their expiry date, today, we will discuss this important information to ensure safety in your kitchen.

You will be surprised to know that every LPG gas cylinder in India has a marked expiry date. Using an expired cylinder significantly increases the risk of explosion and other dangerous incidents. Therefore, it is necessary to check the expiry date before using any gas cylinder.

How to identify the expiry date

The expiry date of a gas cylinder is usually indicated by a code found on three strips printed on the cylinder. Here's how you can understand it:

Alphabetical indicator: The expiry month is indicated alphabetically. For example, 'A' means January to March, 'B' means April to June, 'C' means July to September, and 'D' means October to December.

Numerical value: The numbers after the alphabet indicate the year. For example, 'A23' means that the cylinder's expiry date is between January to March 2023.

Importance of checking the expiry date

Using a cylinder after the expiry date poses serious risks. When the cylinder is no longer usable, it cannot withstand the gas pressure, potentially leading to heat build-up and even an explosion if a fire occurs.

By understanding and checking the expiry date of your LPG cylinder, you can minimize the risk and ensure safe usage in your home. Stay informed and stay safe.

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