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Gas Cylinder: Does the gas cylinder last longer in summer than in winter? Just keep these things in mind


With the onset of summer, it becomes necessary to take special care of many things, especially the gas cylinder in the house. The use of gas cylinders for cooking in the kitchen is common, but the risk of accidents increases in the summer season. To prevent such incidents, here are some important precautions that you should keep in mind.

Main precautions

Gas cylinder leaks are common in the summer season, and even a small leak can increase the risk of fire. The rubber on the cylinder nozzle can deteriorate in the heat, which increases the possibility of accidents. Avoid keeping the gas cylinder in direct sunlight, as the increased temperature can increase the pressure inside the cylinder, causing a leak or explosion.

Risk of accident

Keep the cylinder in a ventilated place so that the leaked gas can escape, which reduces the risk of accidents. If the cylinder becomes empty, turn it off immediately. An empty cylinder can allow air to enter, increasing the risk of fire. Never keep a matchstick or lighter near the cylinder, as if the gas ignites, it can cause an explosion. Also, keep small children away from gas cylinders.

Using the pipe

Leaks can cause fire, often due to the hose connecting the LPG cylinder to the stove. Avoid using the same pipe for a long time, as this can increase the risk of fire. Gas leaking near the regulator can also cause a fire. Check the condition of the pipe and regulator regularly.

Checking the ISI mark

Inspect the regulator regularly and keep the gas cylinder slightly away from or below the stove to reduce the risk of fire. Always follow all safety instructions related to gas cylinders. When buying a gas cylinder, ensure that it has an ISI mark on it for quality assurance. Once the cylinder is empty, place it in a ventilated place and order a new one immediately. If you notice any problem with the gas cylinder, contact your gas supplier immediately.

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