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Gas Cylinder- Has your gas cylinder expired, know how to find out.


Gas cylinders have become an important component for cooking in modern India, but there was a time when home cooking was done using wood and cow dung cakes, which led to indoor air pollution and health problems. To address this concern, the Government of India launched the Ujjwala scheme to provide free LPG gas cylinders to economically disadvantaged women. This provided convenience to the people but questions arise in the mind whether your gas cylinder has expired, or how to know about it. Let us know about it-

Understanding Expiry Date:

On inspecting the LPG gas cylinder, you may see three rods with alphanumeric codes like A-23, B-25, C-24, and D-23. These markings contain essential information, especially regarding the expiry date of the cylinder. The letters A, B, C, and D correspond to specific months in English:

A: January, February, March

B: April, May, June

C: July, August, September

D: October, November, December

Next to these letters are numbers indicating the year. For example, if you find C-24 on a cylinder, it indicates that the cylinder will expire between July and September in the year 2024. This simple alphanumeric system allows users to easily determine the expiry date of their gas cylinder, ensuring safety and efficiency.

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