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Galaxy AI Update: Now Hindi option will be available in Galaxy AI, facility will be available in these languages ​​too..

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There are millions of users in India as well as around the world who use many Samsung products. Currently, Samsung's R&D center in Bengaluru, India has achieved significant success in AI language technology. His team has successfully developed a Hindi AI model for Galaxy AI, Samsung's AI technology platform for Galaxy devices.

Let us tell you that overcoming the challenges of the Hindi language was not easy and its development process was also not straightforward. The Hindi language has unique challenges such as more than 20 regional dialects, vowel variations, and frequent inclusion of English words. To overcome these complexities, the Samsung team in Bengaluru completed several rounds of AI model training using a combination of translated and transliterated data.

Importance of high-quality data and collaboration
The quality of data played an important role in this product. Samsung collaborated with the Vellore Institute of Technology in India to secure segmented and curated audio data of about one million lines, including speech, words, and commands.

This partnership ensured the use of high-quality data, which is essential for integrating Hindi, the world’s fourth most spoken language, into the Galaxy AI.

User Experience and Offline Capabilities
The inclusion of Hindi speech synthesis is a great move. The team worked closely with native linguists to understand the nuances of different dialects and create a special set of sounds (phenomes) to deliver a natural user experience.

This ensures that the Galaxy AI can effectively understand and respond to Hindi, even when users use specific regional variations.

Support for languages ​​other than Hindi
Samsung’s Bengaluru R&D center was not limited to Hindi. Their efforts also contributed to the development of AI language models for Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian, as well as British, Indian, and Australian English.

With this extension, the Galaxy AI now supports a total of 16 languages, giving users the ability to take advantage of AI features even in offline scenarios.

This achievement by Samsung’s Indian R&D team reflects their commitment to innovation and meeting the diverse linguistic needs of the global market.

By including Hindi and other languages, Galaxy AI has opened the doors for a wider range of users to experience the power of AI technology on their Samsung devices.

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