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Free Aadhaar Update: Aadhaar update will not be free after this date, this much charge will have to be paid for every update


The Aadhaar Card is a very important document. In today's time, an Aadhaar card is required for many works. Aadhaar card works as an ID-proof. In such a situation, many times we have to change or update our home address, and mobile number.

Many Aadhaar users have not updated their Aadhaar card for 10 years. In such a situation, UIDAI has provided an online free update facility for Aadhaar users. The last date to update your Aadhaar card details for free is 14 June 2024 (Friday). Aadhaar users can update their Aadhaar card for free only online.

If you update your Aadhaar card offline, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 50 per update.

This information will be updated

According to UIDAI, you can update details like home address, mobile number, email ID, etc. in your Aadhaar card. On the other hand, to update details like photo, biometrics, iris, Aadhaar users will have to go to the Aadhaar center.

How to update Aadhaar online free

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of UIDAI (
  • Now select the Aadhaar update service.
  • After this, log in with the help of Aadhaar number and OTP.
  • Now select the option of Aadhaar update and update the details that you want to update.
  • After this, click on Proceed to Update Aadhaar and upload the documents related to the update.
  • Now a request number will be generated for the update.
  • You can check the Aadhaar status through the request number.