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Follow these easy steps to keep your WhatsApp account secure


Every day some achievements are being made in the field of technology and at the same time many updates also keep coming. We remain active on social media but for this, it is very important to maintain privacy because due to scams your Personal information may be shared with scammers. Protecting digital privacy is becoming difficult. Talking about chatting platforms, WhatsApp is being used by most people. If you want to protect your privacy on WhatsApp, then you need to pay attention to some things. You will get many features to maintain privacy in WhatsApp. To protect yourself on WhatsApp, you will have to follow these steps,

If you want to use the privacy checkup feature on this app of WhatsApp, then for this you will have to go to the settings option, select the privacy option, and tap on Start Checkup. From here you can change your privacy settings according to your preferences. Can be customized.

A similar feature is also available on WhatsApp. In which you can add people as per your choice, you also get options to manage unwanted messages and calls. It is up to you whether you ask someone to continue your chat or who you want to add. You get all these options on WhatsApp so that you can control all the settings.

In this feature of WhatsApp, there will be an option on the settings for who can see your private information, through this you can decide whether you want to show the profile pic and status information or not.

IMA safety features have also been introduced to secure the WhatsApp account, users can prevent their account from being accessed by anyone else like fingerprint locks and two-step verification

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