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Fixed Deposit: Complete this work related to FD before 30th June, otherwise you will lose money..

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Indian Bank and Punjab and Sind Bank are offering special FDs to their customers till June 30, 2024. The bank's special FD is getting 8 percent interest. If you also want to earn more returns in less time, then invest in them by the end of this month. Customers have 5 days left to invest.

Indian Bank Special Fixed Deposit
Indian Bank is offering a special FD scheme to its customers. Public sector bank Indian Bank is offering FDs of 300 and 400 days to its customers. According to the website of the Indian Bank, you can invest in FD schemes named Ind Super 400 and Ind Supreme for 300 days till June 30, 2024.

Ind Super 400 days FD Scheme
This special FD is callable. Callable FD means that in this you get the option to withdraw money before time. Indian Bank's Ind Super FD is for 400 days. You can invest from Rs 10,000 to Rs 2 crore in this scheme. Indian Bank is now offering 7.25% interest to the general public 7.75% to senior citizens and 8.00% to super senior citizens.

Ind Super 300 days
According to the website of the Indian Bank, the special term deposit product Ind Super 300 days was launched on 1 July 2023. You can invest from Rs 5000 to less than 2 crores for 300 days on this FD. The bank is giving interest ranging from 7.05% to 7.80% on this. Indian Bank is now offering a 7.05% interest rate to the general public 7.55% to senior citizens and 7.80% to super senior citizens.

Special FD Scheme of Punjab and Sindh Bank
Punjab and Sindh Bank (Punjab and Sindh Bank Special FD Scheme) is offering special FDs of 222 days, 333 days, and 444 days to its customers. The maximum interest of 8.05 percent is being given on these special FDs. According to the bank's website, the bank is giving 7.05 percent interest on FDs of 222 days, 7.10 percent on FDs of 333 days, and 7.25 percent on FDs of 444 days. The bank is giving 8.05 percent interest to super senior citizens on FDs of 444 days.

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