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Find out who has blocked you on WhatsApp with this trick


The use of WhatsApp is continuously increasing, but still, many people are not aware of some of its features.

WhatsApp is used for chatting, no, many people also use this app for business.

In such a situation, how will you know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp? Let us know what is the method.

You will not be able to see the profile picture of the user who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

If someone has blocked you then you cannot check his online status and last seen.

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to call that user. Also, only a single tick will be visible on sending the message.

If you are not able to add a person to a group on WhatsApp, then he may have blocked you. However, sometimes changes in the settings of adding to a group are also a reason.

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