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Financial Update: These 4 rules can change from May 1, will have a direct impact on the common man's pocket, know in detail..

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The first month of the new financial year (2024-2025) is now about to end. In such a situation, many rules related to money are going to change from next month i.e. May. The change in these rules will have a direct impact on the pockets of the common man. On the first day of May, there are going to be changes in many rules ranging from changes in LPG cylinder prices to bank account charges. Let us know which changes in money-related rules can be seen from May 1…

Minimum balance rule in Yes Bank

There has been a change in the minimum average balance for different types of savings accounts of Yes Bank. According to the bank's website, now the minimum average balance for Yes Bank's Pro Max Savings Accounts has become Rs 50,000 and the maximum charge has been changed to Rs 1,000. Whereas for “Pro Plus”, “Yes Respect SA” and “Yes Essence SA” accounts, the minimum average balance limit is Rs 25,000 and the maximum charge is Rs 750. The minimum balance in “Account Pro” is Rs 10,000 and the maximum charge in it has become Rs 750.

This rule of ICICI Bank changed

ICICI Bank is also going to change the rules related to saving cards. Now customers in rural areas will have to pay an annual fee of Rs 99 for debit cards and Rs 200 in urban areas. Along with this, the bank has decided not to charge any fee for checkbooks of 25 pages, but after that, a charge of Rs 4 will have to be paid for each page of the check book. IMPS transaction amount has been fixed from Rs 2.50 to Rs 15 per transaction.

HDFC scheme deadline

HDFC Bank has started a special FD scheme for senior citizens, the deadline to join is May 10. In this scheme, a 0.75% additional interest rate is available for senior citizens, through which they can avail the benefit of a 7.75% interest rate on an FD scheme of 5 to 10 years. Under this scheme, senior citizens can deposit up to Rs 5 crore.

Changes in gas prices

On the first of every month, oil companies change the prices of domestic and commercial LPG gas cylinders. Therefore, there is a possibility of a change in gas prices on the first of May. If there is an increase in prices, it will have a direct impact on the pockets of the general public.

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