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FD Update: This bank will make you earn huge profits on an FD of 400 days, only 4 days are left for investment..

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If you want to take advantage of better interest rates on Fixed deposits, then Indian Bank's 400-day FD scheme can be very useful for you. In this scheme of the Indian Bank, interest of up to 8 percent is being offered. The good thing is that your money will not be locked for a very long time and you will also get a good interest on it.

If you also want to take advantage of this scheme, then invest in it quickly because you have only 5 days left to invest. The last date for investment is 30 June.

The scheme is running in the name of IND SUPER 400 DAYS
This FD running in the name of IND SUPER 400 DAYS is available with a callable option. Callable FD means that you are also given the facility of premature withdrawal. In this FD of 400 days, investments can be made from Rs 10,000 to Rs 3 crore.

In this, different interest rates are being offered to general citizens, senior citizens, and super senior citizens. General citizens will be given interest at the rate of 7.25 percent in this FD. Senior citizens will get 7.75 percent interest on this FD (FD rate) and super senior citizens will get 8 percent interest. In this way, this FD can be a profitable deal for senior citizens and super senior citizens.

A scheme of 300 days also

Apart from this, there is also an FD (Indian Bank FD Interest) of 300 days in Indian Bank, that is, in this scheme you have to invest money for less than a year. In this scheme also you are being offered a good interest. The bank is offering a maximum interest of up to 7.80 percent on the special term deposit scheme running in the name of IND SUPREME 300 DAYS. This scheme is also available with a callable option.

Investments ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 3 crore can be made in this scheme. Ordinary citizens have been offered an interest of 7.05 percent on this. Senior citizens are being given 7.55 percent and super senior citizens are being given 7.80 percent interest. Please note that people of 80 years or more are counted as super senior citizens. The last date for investment in IND SUPREME 300 DAYS is also 30 June.

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