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FD Scheme: These three great special FD schemes of this bank will make you rich in just 300 days..

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IDBI Bank is offering special fixed deposits to its lakhs of customers. IDBI Bank is offering special FDs of 300 days, 375 days, and 444 days (IDBI Special FD schemes) in which it is offering 7.75 percent interest in a short time. This special scheme is available to customers till 30 June 2024. That is, investors have less time left to invest (Best FD Schemes).

IDBI Utsav 300 days FD scheme
IDBI Bank is giving 7.55% interest to senior citizens investing in 300 days of Utsav FD. At the same time, it is giving 7.05% interest on 300 days FD (Special Fixed Deposit Schemes) to regular customers, NRI and NRO customers. This FD also allows premature withdrawal of money.

IDBI Utsav FD Scheme 375 days
IDBI Bank is giving 7.60% interest to senior citizens investing in 375 days of Utsav FD. At the same time, regular customers, NRI, and NRO customers are being given 7.10% interest on 375 days of FD (DBI bank Special FD Scheme). The bank also gives the option of premature withdrawal or closure of this FD.

IDBI Utsav 444 days FD Scheme (IDBI Utsav Special 400 days FD)
According to the website of IDBI Bank, you can invest in the Utsav FD scheme till 30 June 2024. IDBI Bank is giving 7.25% interest on 444 days of FD to regular (best high return FD Schemes) customers, NRI, and NRO customers. The bank also allows investors to withdraw and close this FD prematurely.

IDBI Bank's regular FD interest rates
7-30 days 3.00%

31-45 days 3.25%

46- 90 days 4.00% (IDBI bank FD interest rates)

91-6 months 4.50%

6 months 1 day to less than 1 year 5.75%

1 year to 2 years (except 375 days and 444 days) 6.80%

2 years to 5 years 6.50%

5 years to 10 years 6.25% (IDBI bank Best FD)

10 years to 20 years 4.80%

5 years 6.50%

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