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Fastag Rules: Is it necessary to stick the Fastag sticker on the car's glass only? Know what is the rule


If you drive a car, you are probably familiar with FASTag. In India, FASTag is mandatory for all vehicles, and without it, you have to pay double the toll fee when you go out on the road. There are many rules related to FASTag, which many people do not know about. Due to a lack of awareness, disputes often occur at toll plazas, many such videos go viral every day. One such rule includes putting FASTag in the right place on the windshield, which many people ignore.

Not everyone applies stickers

You must have seen people who do not put the FASTag sticker on their car even after buying it. Instead, they show the sticker by hand to the toll booth employees so that their toll is deducted and they move forward. The question is, is this method right or wrong? Let's clarify this.

Paste it on the windshield

The purpose of the FASTag sticker is to be placed on the front windshield of your car, so that when your car approaches the toll booth, it gets read automatically and the toll fee is deducted easily. This helps in reducing the waiting time for vehicles behind you, allowing them to proceed without delay. Hence, it is important to paste the FASTag on the car windshield. Failure to do so may lead to an argument with the toll booth staff. Hence, immediately paste the sticker on the windshield at a place where it can be easily scanned by the cameras.

How to apply the FASTag sticker

The FASTag sticker comes with adhesive gum on the back. Once you peel off the white color layer, you can paste it on the windshield. If you face any trouble doing this, you can visit a showroom where they can correctly place the sticker in the right place for you.

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