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Everest Day: Why is Everest Day celebrated, who was Tenzing Norgay with whom this day has a special connection?


Today Everest Day is being celebrated in India, Nepal, and New Zealand. But do you know why this day is celebrated?

You and I have always read that the highest peak in the world is Mount Everest. Every year, many people go to Nepal to climb Everest. Some people are successful in this, while some return disappointed. But have you ever wondered when Everest Day started and why it is celebrated? If you don't know, then we will tell you this. Everest Day is celebrated on 29 May not only in India but also in Nepal and New Zealand. Let us inform you that Everest Day was first celebrated in the year 2008.

How high is Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Its peak is 8848 meters i.e. 29,029 feet above sea level. There is strong wind and extreme cold on Mount Everest, due to which it is not easy to climb. People often climb it only in May and September because the winds are a little less here at this time. It is claimed that till now only more than 4000 people have been able to climb Mount Everest whereas the population of the world is more than 8 billion. Now let us know who was Tenzing Norgay and what is the relation of Tenzing Norgay with its beginning.

Who was Tenzing Norgay?

Tenzing Norgay is said to be the first person to climb Mount Everest, but he did not do this alone, Edmund Hillary of New Zealand was also with him at that time. Tenzing Norgay was born on 29 May 1914, Tenzing was the 11th child of his parents. Tenzing had run away from his home twice in his adolescence, first to Kathmandu and second time to Darjeeling, and after coming here, he started working as a Sirdar (Sherpa) in 1935. Then during this expedition in 1953, he became Edmund Hillary's Sirdar (Sherpa) and reached Mount Everest on 29 May at 11.30 AM. He spent about 15 minutes there, during which he took some photos and ate cake. Let us inform you that before this Tenzing Norgay had tried to climb Mount Everest 6 times.