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EPFO: Unveiling the Insurance Benefits for PF Account Holders


For every employed individual with a PF account, there's more than just savings. Alongside the contributions made by both you and your employer, there's an added perk that often goes unnoticed: insurance coverage worth up to Rs 7 lakh. 

It's surprising how many PF account holders are unaware of this insurance provision, which is facilitated by the EPFO. Under this scheme, employees in private companies automatically receive free insurance coverage of Rs 7 lakh.

In the unfortunate event of the demise of a PF account holder, this insurance can be a financial lifeline. Beneficiaries can claim maximum financial assistance of up to Rs 7 lakh, providing crucial support during difficult times.

Stay informed and make the most out of your PF account benefits. It's more than just savings—it's a safety net for you and your loved ones.

Source: Www.Businessmanager.In