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EPFO Tips: If you do not do this work related to the account, then you may have to bear a huge loss..

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If you are also a member of the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) and have not done e-nomination till now, then there can be a big loss. The amount deposited in the EPFO ​​​​account is useful in case of emergency or after retirement. From time to time, EPFO ​​​​appeals to its members to do e-nomination (EPFO ​​E-Nomination process). Many benefits are not available due to missing nominations. This can also cause many disadvantages. Know the complete process of e-nomination and what disadvantages can be there.

What will happen with EPFO ​​​​e-nomination
With e-nomination, if the account holder (EPFO ​​E-Nomination kyu jaruri) dies due to any reason, then his family will not face problems in settling the claim online. Along with this, the benefit of social security schemes like PF, Pension, and Insurance (EDLI) is also available.

What will happen if e-nomination is not done?
If EPFO ​​members do not do e-nomination, then after their death, the family may face difficulty in getting the money. In such a situation, the family gets the money only after submitting the certificate (EPFO members), but this is a very long process.

How to do EPFO ​​​​e-nomination (EPFO ​​E-Nomination online process)
Go to the official website of EPFO ​​​​and click on the For Employees option.

Now go to UAN or the Online Service section and enter your UAN number and password.

After logging in, go to the Noise section click on e-nomination, and fill in all the details.

Now click on the Save button and choose the option 'Yes' to save the family details.

To add more than one nominee, click on Add New and share the details of all the nominees.

Generate OTP and e-sign (E-sign for EPFO ​​​​nomination) and then receive OTP on the mobile linked to Aadhaar.

After this, the process of EPF e-nominee (EPFO E-Nomini) will be completed.

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