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EPFO launches new facility for its members, click to know more


The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has given a big relief to its members. EPFO ​​has abolished the requirement of uploading a copy of the bank passbook or check for online PF claims. This will speed up the settlement of claims.

According to the new circular of EPFO, a new process has been adopted to settle claims. Under this, in online claims where bank KYC has been verified and other verification documents have been digitally signed by the employer, it will no longer be necessary to upload a copy of a check or bank passbook. Currently, in most cases, claims are rejected if this is not done. This exemption will be available only in cases where the other verification documents of the member are complete. These include online verification of KYC by the concerned bank or NPCI, verification by the employer using DSC, and Aadhaar number verified by UIDAI, etc.

Standard procedure issued for account changes

EPFO has also issued a standard operating procedure for online correction to the customers. Customers can make 10 types of changes through this. These include the member's name, gender, date of birth, father or mother's name, relationship, marital status, date of joining, reason for leaving the job, date of leaving the job, nationality, and Aadhaar. EPFO ​​has informed all its regional offices in this regard. In such cases, a message will appear in the PDF file related to the claim. It will be written that the bank has verified the KYC online and the employer has digitally signed. The facility of coding by color will be started soon for the officers investigating such claims.

Verified accounts will be identified by a specific color

The special thing is that during the process of settling the claim, the EPFO ​​​​officer will know from the color of the website whether it is mandatory to upload a photo of the check or bank passbook in this case or not. For this, to identify the accounts already verified online, they will be coded in green color, so that the officer can settle the claim quickly. If the account is not verified, then there will be a red color code. In such cases, a copy of the cheque or passbook may be asked for.

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