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Employees Update: Important news for employees, do not make this mistake even by mistake while leaving the job...

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Many people across the country work in companies. Before joining the company, everyone is told some terms and conditions, but there are some things about which you are not even aware. Do you know that due to some mistakes while resigning from a company, your rightful money gets lost? You should not make any mistake while resigning from any company.

Money is added according to monthly salary

Often after giving a resignation, a notice period has to be given as per company rules. If the company releases you before the notice period, then there is no need to be happy about it, rather you are incurring a loss in it. If you have worked in a company for more than five years, the company will give you money as a 'token of appreciation'. That money is according to your monthly salary. This money can be in lakhs in five years.

Can file a case against the employer

You can ask for this money from your company. If the company refuses to give this and says that it did not exist at the time of joining, then you can tell about this act that it is written in the law. Still, if they refuse to give it to you, then you can file a case against the employer and he can be punished for 6 months to 2 years.

Although any employee gets a gratuity (gratuity to employee) only after he retires after completion of 5 years, even if he leaves the company and joins somewhere else, he is given gratuity money. Apart from this, even if the employee dies, the gratuity amount is paid to him by the company or employer before 5 years or before retirement.

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