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E-Shram Card- Let's know what is E-Shram Card, how the unemployed get help.


Unemployment has increased so much in the country that the youth are ready to do anything, to help these people, the E-Shram Scheme was launched by the Modi government in 2020 to strengthen the economic security for the individuals in the unorganized sector. is a cornerstone initiative. Providing a safety net through accident insurance and financial assistance, the scheme has gained significant popularity, with approximately 28.42 crore individuals availing of the e-Shram Card. Let us know about the complete information of this scheme-

Scope and Eligibility: The e-Shram scheme welcomes individuals between 16 and 59 years of age working in the unorganized sector, ensuring inclusion across diverse demographics.

Comprehensive Benefits: Participants in the scheme are entitled to accident insurance coverage of Rs 2 lakh along with financial assistance, reflecting the government's commitment to safeguard the welfare of workers.

Inclusivity: From hawkers and vegetable vendors to domestic workers and youth engaged in small-scale employment, the scheme caters to a diverse range of laborers, promoting inclusivity within the unorganized sector.

Seamless Enrolment: The registration process for e-Shram cards has been streamlined through an online portal, making it easier to access for applicants. Upon registration, cards are generated instantly, which is an important step towards consolidating the workforce on a unified platform.

Future Prospects: The e-Shram portal serves as an important hub for potential government schemes, ready to deliver benefits to registered workers efficiently. This underlines the role of the platform in promoting ongoing support and assistance to beneficiaries.

To enroll in the scheme, applicants must submit necessary documents such as Aadhaar card, passport size photograph, income certificate and bank passbook while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Application Process: Accessing the benefits of the e-Shram Scheme requires a straightforward online application process. Applicants are directed to the e-Shram portal, where they register and submit the required details, thereby successfully completing the registration process.

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