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Driving License: Now you will not have to visit RTO for a driving license, rules have changed


If you also drive a car, bike, or any other vehicle, then you must have a driving license. If you do not have a license, then you should get it made. By the way, from June 1, there has been a change in the rules for getting it made. In India, any citizen above 18 years of age can apply for a driving license. Now there has been a big change regarding the driving test as well.

Now you will not have to go to RTO

When you apply for a driving license, you have to go to the RTO office and first take a computerized test. Then after that, you have to take a driving test in the RTO itself. But from June 1, some changes have been made to the Motor Vehicle Act of India. After these changes, an applicant will not need to go to the RTO office for a driving test to get a driving license.

You will be able to take driving test here too

According to the new rule, now you can take this driving test in any private driving institute as well. However, the private institute or driving school must be recognized by the RTO, only then the driving test given there will be valid.

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