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DOT Update: Now useful calls will come from this number, the government has released a new numbering series..

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DOT: Now useful calls will come from this number, the government released a new numbering series; The central government on Thursday launched a new numbering series 160xxxxxxx for making service or transaction-related calls. This will help users to identify real calls and control fake calls from telemarketers using 10-digit mobile numbers. Currently, there is a 140xxxxxxx series for telemarketers to make promotional, service, and transaction-related calls.

Fraud is happening on a large scale
The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) said in a statement that the 140xx series is being used for promotional calls on a large scale. In such a situation, users do not answer these calls, and due to this some important calls are also missed. But now this will not happen. Rather, users will be able to know which call is fake and which is useful.

Useful news will start from 160
The Department of Telecommunications said that for example, service/transaction-related calls coming from financial institutions like RBI, SEBI, PFRDA, IRDA, etc. will start from 160. The Department of Telecommunications said that regular 10-digit numbers have started being widely used by institutions to make service/transaction-related calls. This has increased the number of frauds.

You can complain here
The 160xxxxxxx number series will now be used by major institutions for service/transaction-related voice calls. Due to this number series, it will be very easy for the common people to identify the calls and the chances of getting trapped in any fraud will be greatly reduced. For any suspicious fraudulent communication, citizens can report it to the Chakshu facility on Sanchar Saathi (

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