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Don't let your bank account get emptied in the pursuit of free ration, don't make this mistake.


The central and state governments run many schemes for the benefit of the people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government started the free ration scheme, which benefited millions of people and it is still going on. It is necessary to have a ration card to avail of this scheme. However, fraudsters are now taking advantage of this need and cheating people.

People who cheat the poor and needy by promising them free ration cards are extorting money from them. Recently many such cases have come to light. In such a situation, read on to know how you can protect yourself from such fraud.

Fraud tricks related to ration card

Fraudsters call people on the pretext of giving free ration cards and trap them in their trap. After this, they ask for confidential information like bank account numbers, ATM card details, CVV, and OTP. If someone shares this information, his bank account can be emptied in minutes.

Fraudsters also claim that the person's ration card has been canceled and needs to be updated, for which some information is needed. In a panic, people often share their information, which leads to fraud.

Do not share personal information.

First of all, know that you will never be called to get a ration card. Eligible persons have to apply for it in person at the ration dealer's office. If someone calls claiming to be from the Food and Supplies Department and asks for your bank details, it is a scam. Officials will never ask for such information over the phone. Never share any personal information with such callers.

Confirm with your ration dealer.

If someone calls and claims that your ration card has been canceled and asks for OTP or sends a link to reactivate it, do not click on any link. If you are continuously getting your ration, then your card is active. If you face any problem, contact your ration dealer directly and confirm the status of your ration card.

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