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Do you also use commercial gas cylinders in your homes? Know these rules


At one time, earthen stoves were used for cooking in homes in India, but nowadays gas cylinders are present in almost every house. Even in villages, food is cooked on gas stoves.

The Government of India is promoting the use of gas cylinders through the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, under which free gas connections are being given to the poor.

Gas cylinders used in homes are given under domestic gas connections, in which a limit of 15 cylinders per year has been set for each connection.

Commercial gas cylinders are used for events, functions, restaurants, or hotels. The prices of commercial gas cylinders are higher than domestic cylinders. To get a commercial gas cylinder, you must have a commercial gas connection.

You cannot use a commercial gas cylinder for domestic purposes. If you do this, the food department can take action against you.

Similarly, just as you cannot use a commercial gas cylinder at home, you are also not allowed to use a domestic gas cylinder for commercial purposes.

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