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Digital Payment: Now you will not be a victim of fraud in digital payment, know-how


As the trend of digital payment is increasing in the country, the work of cheating is also increasing with it. Fraud in online payment is also increasing. In such a situation, you have to take care of many things while making digital payments. You can be cheated in many ways. In such a situation, banks have created a new intelligent security system, which will alert you.

You will get an alert

According to media reports, in the new intelligent system created by the banks, as soon as you start a transaction with a suspicious account, the bank will send you an alert about the possible danger, this alert will be sent to you before the transaction.

How will it work

According to media reports, banks will now easily detect suspicious transactions. As soon as the bank finds anything unusual in the transaction, you will be sent an immediate alert. If you do not get confirmation from your side, the payment will be declined. HDFC Bank has also implemented it.

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