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DigiLocker App: If you forgot to take your Aadhaar Card with you to the airport, this app will come in handy..

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An Aadhaar card is needed in every other work related to identity. Now suppose you reach the airport to take your flight and then you realize that you have forgotten to bring your Aadhaar card with you.

In such a situation, anyone can get upset. Do you know that your smartphone can be useful in such a situation? With an app on the phone, all your troubles can be over.

Do you have the DigiLocker app on your phone?

We are talking about the DigiLocker app here. With DigiLocker, you get the facility of a digital Aadhaar card.

That is, if you show a digital Aadhaar card instead of a physical at the airport, then no one will stop you from traveling by air.

The Aadhaar card present in DigiLocker can be shown as valid identity proof at Indian Railways and airports.

What does a digital Aadhaar card look like?

A Digital Aadhaar card is also similar to a physical. However, the Aadhaar number of the Aadhaar holder is not fully visible on this digital Aadhaar card.

This Aadhaar number is hidden and only the last four digits are visible. This Aadhaar card contains information like address, name, date of birth, and gender along with the photo.

Where to download the app

Along with this Aadhaar card, the facility QR code is also available in the app. The identity of the Aadhaar card holder can be verified by scanning this QR code.

You can download the DigiLocker app from the Play Store on Android phones. This app is a government document wallet. Apart from the Aadhaar card, digital copies of many other documents can be kept here.

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