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Dark Web Tips: Quickly check if your personal information has been leaked on the dark web...

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Often you must have heard that the data of crores of users has been leaked on the dark web or is being sold. It contains sensitive information about users. But, has the thought come to your mind that how does data get leaked on the dark web and what is the method by which we can find out whether our data is on the dark web?

What is the dark web

It would not be wrong to call the dark web the dark world of the internet. This is a part of the Internet, where both legal and illegal activities are carried out. 96 percent of the internet comes under the deep web and dark web. We use only 4% of Internet content, which is called the surface web.

To access the Deep Web we have to provide a lot of information. Like e-mail, net banking, and many more. Tor Browser is used to open the dark web. Banned things like drugs, weapons, passwords, and child porn are available on the dark web.

Is your data on the dark web or not?

     To find out whether your data is on the dark web or not, you will have to follow some easy steps and you will be able to find out about it.

     First of all, you have to install the Google One app. This app is already pre-installed on some smartphones.

     In the second step, open the app and click on the Dark Web Report visible on the home page.

     Now Run Scan, once scanning is complete tap on View All Results.

     Here you will be able to find out whether your data has been leaked on the dark world of the Internet or not.

Signs of data leaking on the dark web

Now the question is, what are the signs which show that our data has come on the dark web? What happens is that we enter information like our email and mobile number on sites to access most of the things available on the internet and there are some sites that sell the data to scammers, scammers give it pages on the dark web, After which your fake calls start coming.

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