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Cyber Fraud Tips: Dial this number immediately in case of cyber fraud, your hard-earned money will be saved..

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Every day people in the country are being subjected to cyber fraud. Banking frauds are happening beyond limits. Every day cyber thugs are making people their victims and emptying their bank accounts. In case of any kind of fraud or cheating, due to lack of information, people are not able to complain on time and at the right place. Home Ministry and Delhi Police's Cyber ​​Cell launched a helpline number for cyber fraud last year which has now changed. You must be aware of this.

Home Ministry and Delhi Police's Cyber ​​Cell started a helpline number 155260 which has now been changed to 1930. If you are a victim of any kind of online fraud, then call this number immediately. In 7 to 8 minutes, the money stolen from your account would have been transferred to another account through the ID.

An alert message will reach the helpline, that bank, or the e-site. Then the amount will go on hold. You should save this number on your phone. Cyberdost has given information about the new number by posting on x.

Apart from calling this number, you can also complain in writing by visiting the Home Ministry's cyber portal Anyone can complain about any kind of cybercrime or fraud on this cyber portal.

Around 55 banks, e-wallets, e-commerce sites, payment gateways, and other institutions have jointly launched an interconnected platform called 'Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting System'. Through this platform, victims of online financial frauds can be saved in a very short time. Crores of rupees of people have been saved through this helpline.

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