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Circle To Search Update: New update for Circle to Search, now it will scan the QR code as well..

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A new update is coming for Google's Circle to Search, after which Circle to Search will also scan QR codes and barcodes. Right now Circle to Search only gives information about things. Google first launched the Circle to Search feature with Samsung's Galaxy S24 series and later it was released for other phones besides Google Pixel.

Circle to Search identifies things seen in a photo or video with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now it is going to be advanced. It has the facility to scan QR codes and barcodes.

A few days ago, a report came in which it claimed that Circle to Search is going to get text to speech feature soon. According to the report, the Circle to Search feature has been seen on version v15.19.45.29.arm64 beta of the Google app, although you cannot use it right now. Google will soon release the Google app with the beta version of this feature.

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