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Chat on WhatsApp without saving the number, every user should know this feature


WhatsApp Features: Thanks to this feature of WhatsApp, you can save time and chat with any user. 

WhatsApp Features: You will be aware of many features of WhatsApp, but there is a feature of this app of which most people will not be aware. This feature can save you a lot of time. If you know this feature, then believe me you will not have to save any number to chat with it. 

How can you chat without saving the number?

If you do not want to save any user's number on WhatsApp, then now you just have to follow some easy steps and after that, you can chat with any user.

You can use this trick

You have to dial the number of the user you want to talk to on the contact app of the smartphone. 

Now you have to copy the user's number by long pressing it. 

You will have to open WhatsApp.

Now you have to come to My Contact and paste the number on the chat box.

Now you will have to send the number yourself.

After sending the number, you will have to single tap on the number.

Now the pop-up window will open.

Now here you will be given the option of Chat or Call which you can tap as per your need.

As soon as you tap on any one of these options, you reach the user's WhatsApp chat page.

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