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Change In SIM Card Rules: SIM card rules will change from July 1, you will not be able to do this work, Airtel, Jio, and Voda users pay attention


SIM card rule change: From July 1, there will be a change in the rules related to SIM cards. TRAI has changed the rules keeping in mind the safety of the users. Once again the rules related to SIM cards are going to change.

A decision has been taken to change the rule regarding mobile number portability. TRAI has taken this decision to prevent SIM swap fraud. What is this new rule and why did it come into force, what is SIM swap, know full information.

In case of SIM card theft or damage, you may have to wait for a few days. Earlier, if the SIM card was stolen or damaged, you could get a SIM card immediately from the store. But now its locking period has been extended.

Now new users will have to wait for seven days for a new SIM card. Only then will you get a new SIM card. After the change in MNP rules, now a seven-day locking period has come into force.

This decision has been taken to prevent fraud and cheating. It has been seen in many cases that once the SIM card is stolen, that number gets activated on another SIM card. Since then, many more incidents have happened. Now this decision has been taken to prevent incidents of online fraud. TRAI issued a notification in this regard in March.

SIM card swapping means activating the same number in another SIM card. Nowadays SIM card swapping is increasing very fast. Cases of taking SIM numbers on the same SIM card have increased. Since this can be stopped, the period of SIM card swapping has been increased.

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