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Caution! Do you also have this loan app on your phone? Delete it immediately or else you will become a victim of fraud.


Cyber ​​Fraud Alert from Online Loan App: Today, banking facilities have become much easier than before. Any work related to the bank, you can do it very easily sitting at home. There are many types of apps available online for this. Although this has made it easier for the common man, the risk of online fraud has also increased. There are many fake apps in the market in the guise of apps that are similar to banks and distribute loans, which are ready to make a dent in your hard-earned money. The government has issued an alert regarding one such loan app.

CyberDost, a social media platform developed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, has issued an advisory regarding a loan app named CashExpand-U Finance Assistant.

CyberDost said, "Caution! CashExpand-U Finance Assistant - Loan App is associated with hostile foreign entities."

Let us tell you that after the alert, this app named CashExpand-U Finance Assistant has been removed from the Play Store.

Amidst the complaints about fake loan apps, Google removed about 134 fake apps from its Play Store in a week in September last year.

If you also do not want to become a victim of online fraud, then do not fall into the trap of these tempting online loan apps and always visit the official accounts of banks.

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