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Car Insurance- Has your car got washed away in the rain, then know how much insurance you will get


Monsoon has knocked in the country, with the arrival of which people are getting relief from the heat, rain brings with it many kinds of troubles along with happiness, waterlogged roads during rainy days and in some areas there is also a flood-like situation, due to which many people's cars get washed away, which causes financial loss, such situations raise questions on car insurance coverage, especially about the damage caused by these natural phenomena, let's know how to get insurance if the car is washed away in the rain.

Car insurance generally falls into three categories: third-party insurance, own-damage insurance, and comprehensive insurance. Many people choose third-party insurance, which covers liabilities to third parties for injury, death, or property damage. It does not cover damage to your vehicle. For protection from natural disasters, theft, and others, comprehensive insurance is important.

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage not only for accidents but also for damages caused by natural calamities such as floods.

It ensures that your vehicle is financially protected against such unforeseen events. It is important to carefully review your insurance policy to confirm coverage for damages caused by natural calamities such as heavy rains.

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