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Can commercial gas cylinders be used at home? Know these rules


Commercial Cylinder Use Rules: This information has to be kept while using gas cylinders. Only domestic cylinders can be used at home. Action can be taken if commercial cylinders are used.

According to the data released in the year 2021, about 47.4 lakh domestic gas cylinders are consumed daily in India. Since then it has increased further.

Now there is hardly any house where food is not cooked using gas cylinders. Gas cylinders are now used a lot in villages as well.

Anyone can get up to 15 cylinders filled in a year on their domestic gas connection. But 12 of these cylinders will be subsidized.

Domestic gas connections are used for home use. On the other hand, commercial cylinders are used in commercial events and places.

Commercial gas cylinders are different from domestic gas cylinders. They are also more expensive. To get a commercial cylinder, you have to get a commercial gas connection.

It has been seen many times that people use commercial cylinders at home. Which is illegal. To use it at home, you will have to get a domestic gas connection.

At the same time, if you use a domestic cylinder commercially, then action can be taken against you. That is, you cannot use your home cylinder in a hotel or dhaba.

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