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Business Idea: Tension of job is over, this business will make you earn huge amount, cost is just this much..

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Thousands of people in the country want to start their own business, but for a successful business, the two most important things have to be kept in mind. The first is business idea and funding i.e. capital to run the business.

However, there are many business ideas where you will not need a lot of money. Today we are giving you such business ideas. Which can be started anywhere in the village or city. Anyway, in today's economic era, there is a money market. These are such businesses. You can start with just Rs 50,000. When your income increases, then you can expand it.

Earn big money from the clothing business
India is a country of festivals. All our festivals are incomplete without new clothes. Not only this, apart from festivals, there are many other occasions when new clothes are needed. Like many people buy new clothes every year and during the wedding season in the country, a good crowd is seen in the clothing market. You can start a clothing business for less than Rs 50,000.

Bumper income from the oil business
Cooking oil has become very expensive these days. The oil business is considered to be a big-earning business. The edible oil business can be started by installing an oil mill expeller in a very small space. Earlier, big machines were used to come to extract mustard oil. Now small machines have also started coming.

Not much space is required to install them. Be it a village or city, there is demand for edible oil everywhere. This oil expeller business will be available for up to Rs 2 lakh. It will cost Rs 3-4 lakh to install the entire set-up. You can directly contact the farmers and buy raw materials from them. It can be sold by packing it in tins or bottles.

Wedding planner or event manager
Similarly, becoming a wedding planner or event manager is also a good job. In this field, you can start the business of organizing events like weddings, and marriages in the most creative way according to the needs of your customers. Initially, some money will be required for this.
But after this, you can earn a lot. There can be many other business opportunities in wedding planning or event management, such as catering. Apart from this, money can also be earned from works like photography, and decoration.

Earn from a street food stall.
Another great and less expensive business idea with a small investment is to start a food stall or food truck. The cost of this work is also less as compared to other works and you can increase your investment as the business grows.

Apart from the local people in India, people coming from the country and abroad also like street food very much. There is no need to make a lot of food items for a small food stall. You can also sell things like noodles, momos, chaat-pakodi or other street food which people like very much.

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