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Business Idea: Start these 2 businesses together with a little land, double the income in half the cost..

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In today's economic age, everyone wants to earn a lot of money. For this, some do a job and some take the help of business. If you also want to earn a lot of money through business, then we are giving you a better business idea.

This business is a business of duck farming along with fish farming. Financial help is also being provided by the state governments and the central government to start this business. This is a profitable business. Apart from protein production, duck farming along with fish also makes better use of duck excreta.

Along with supporting each other, both these businesses get more production at a lower cost. With this type of business, about 60 percent of the expenditure on fish farming can be saved. Along with this, ducks clean the pond by eating the dirt in it. They also increase the level of oxygen in the pond by swimming in the water. This increases the growth of fish.

How to start a duck farming business along with fish?
For duck farming with fish, a good breed of ducks should be raised. For duck farming, Khaki Campbell species, Silhet Mete (Indian species), Nageshwari (Indian species), and Indian Runner species can be selected. For duck farming with fish, such ponds can be selected.

Whose depth is at least 1.5 to 2 meters. Lime should be used in the pond at the rate of 250 to 350 kg per hectare. You can make a fence for ducks on top of the pond or any side. Make a fence with bamboo and wood on the pond. The fence should be airy as well as safe. 250 to 300 ducks can be raised in one-hectare area.

Fish and duck farming are beneficial in this way-
1 - By duck farming along with fish, 3500 to 4000 kg of fish, 15,000 to 18000 eggs and 500 to 600 duck meat can be produced annually.

2 - It is necessary to give 120 grams of grain to the duck daily. On the other hand, by raising ducks along with fish, you can fulfill the requirement of food by giving 60 to 70 grams of grain.

3 - By raising ducks along with fish, there is no need to put extra fertilizer in the pond.

4 - Ducks eat insects, plants, froglets, etc., which are harmful to fish.

5 - Due to the swimming of ducks in the pond, the oxygen in the atmosphere keeps dissolving in the water.

6 - The droppings of 200-300 ducks reared along with fish in a hectare pond are sufficient food for the fish.

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