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Business Idea: Start this business in 20 thousand, earn 50 to 60 thousand every month..

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If you are thinking of doing a business (t-shirt printing business) that can be done from home, then there are many such options. But there are very few such businesses that run for 12 months. We are going to tell you about one such business. This business can be started from home for 20 thousand rupees. If there is no space in the house, then you can also rent a shop.

This business runs for 12 months.
The business we are going to tell you about is the t-shirt printing business. These days this business is very trendy. The initial cost of doing this business will be 20 thousand rupees. You just have to market your business. The better the marketing, the more customers will come and the business will grow. The most special thing about this business is that it runs for 12 months.

You will need these things.
To start this business, you will need a printing machine. This machine comes for 10 to 15 thousand rupees. The size of this machine is not very big and it can be installed at home as well. If there is no space at home, then you can take a shop on rent.

Where will you find customers?
You will have to do a lot of marketing for your business. Also, you will have to be active on social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). You will have to talk to different types of companies. This is because printing t-shirts is in great demand in these companies. Also, you will have to make contact with schools and colleges. Not only this, you will also have to maintain contact with local leaders. There are many programs where special designs or similar t-shirts of people are needed. In such a situation, only these people will be useful.

Keep t-shirts too (latest business idea)
Many companies or schools and colleges need similar t-shirts with similar logos or designs. They need T-shirts in bulk. Many companies do not buy t-shirts themselves but take them from the person who prints them. In such a situation, you will also have to keep some t-shirts so that you can also fulfill the demand of the customer for t-shirts. Apart from this, you will also have to keep in touch with such shopkeepers who can provide 100-200 or more similar T-shirts on a single call.

How much will be the profit?
The cost of printing a T-shirt (t-shirt printing cost) is usually 100-150 rupees. In such a situation, if you print an average of 20 T-shirts daily, you will earn two thousand rupees. In this way, you can earn 50 to 60 thousand rupees in a month. If you get more work, then your income will also be more.

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