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Business Idea: You can earn lakhs of rupees by starting this business with less money, know the process..

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Often you must have seen that everyone is planning to earn money by doing business instead of doing a job. If you are also thinking of doing business, then this will prove beneficial for you. If you have even a little interest in farming or gardening, then you can start a business in which you will earn lakhs of rupees per month.

The most special thing about this business is that its demand is from villages to metro cities and is increasing rapidly. To start this, you should have 50 thousand rupees and a covered plot of 1000 to 1500 square feet. It is better if this place is in the open.

What is the business?
The business we are talking about is making vermicompost i.e. earthworm compost. Earthworm compost is in demand from villages to metro cities. The way demand for organic fruits and vegetables is increasing these days, and the demand for vermicompost has also started increasing. While people in villages use vermicompost in their fields, in cities they do roof gardening or plant plants on the balcony. Many people even grow essential vegetables on the balcony.

How important is vermicompost?
Whether it is farming or planting flower plants, the use of vermicompost is very good for their growth. Mixing vermicompost in the soil also increases the fertility of the soil and there is no need to add any chemical. It contains plenty of nitrogen. This is the reason why the use of vermicompost in organic farming is continuously increasing and its sale is also increasing. In such a situation, doing business of it can prove to be very profitable.

How to prepare earthworm compost?
You have to make big and wide pits in a space. If you want, you can also use big bags. These are easily available in the market. Put cow or buffalo dung in it and then put earthworms.

These earthworms are easily available in nurseries. Apart from this, some soil is also added to it. After mixing all these things, leave it like this for about a month. Vermicompost will be ready. For more information, you can take the help of YouTube.

Where to sell it
You can pack vermicompost in 1 kg, 2 kg, and 5 kg packets. If you want to make your brand, then some extra money will be required for this. Get information about this from a CA.

Otherwise, you can pack this fertilizer in transparent packets and sell it in bulk to various nurseries and farmers. Along with taking the brand name, you can also sell it on platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

This much will be the income.
It will cost about 50 thousand rupees to start a vermicompost business. One kg of vermicompost is easily sold for 20 rupees. In a normal business day, 800 to 1000 kg of vermicompost is easily sold. If you sell 1000 kg of vermicompost in a day, then you will make sales worth 20 thousand rupees in a day.

In this way, sales worth 6 lakh rupees will be done in a month. Even if we assume half the expenses, then 3 lakh rupees will be easily earned per month. If you do good marketing through social media, then there will be more sales and more income.

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