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Business Idea: If you are not able to meet your household expenses with less income then start this business..

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The attention of cattle herders is now turning towards small animals. There is less cost in rearing small animals and there is scope for higher profits. Tanveer says that the daily expenditure on one goat is Rs 12 to 15, due to which more than Rs 10 thousand is earned in a year.

Tanveer says that if you keep cross-breed goats then there is no hassle of grazing, many people can even keep goats of such breed on the terrace. He says that it is a hybrid breed of Tap Sirohi and Black Bengal which is beautiful and also gives birth to two to five children in a year, which gives good profits.

Tanveer says that earlier he used to live in Kolkata and earn his living by running a general shop, but due to not getting a good income from it, he felt that he should do something different and after taking advice from many people, he thought why? Goat rearing should not be done like this.

After this, he met Jai Ram Chaudhary, farmer advisor of Amarpur Agriculture Office and he said that if you do goat rearing, you will get better profits from it. After this, he bought 12 goats of the Sirohi breed at a cost of about Rs 2 lakh and started goat rearing. In the beginning, there was a loss due to the death of goats so I thought that I should leave it, but with courage, I started with 7 goats and today we have more than 51 goats. We have 25 goats that have over 100 kids a year. Our annual turnover is more than Rs 8 lakh.

Tanveer says that cold disease in goats is very serious. Due to this the mortality rate of goats becomes high which always needs attention. To protect goats from diseases, the farm should always be kept clean and should not be allowed to remain wet. In the summer season, fans are provided to prevent the animals from overheating, and water is provided from time to time.