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Business Idea: This business will generate huge income, and the government will help to start it..

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Business Idea: If you are thinking of starting your business at a low expense, then today we are telling you about a great business idea. You can start it at a low cost. You can also earn a good amount of money every month by selling in the local market. This is the business of paper straw making. This business has gained momentum after the ban on single-use plastic in India. Due to the increasing demand for paper straws in the market, its manufacturing is becoming a big business. In such a situation, a Paper straw-making business can be a better option. You can earn lakhs from this.

Let us tell you that the Government of India has banned single-use plastic from July 1, 2022. Due to this plastic items are disappearing from the market. One of them is plastic straws. The demand for this is very high for beverages. This decision of the government has increased the demand for paper straws in place of plastic drinking straws.

How to start a paper straw business?

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has prepared a project report on paper straw units. According to this report, before starting the business of making paper straws, approval and registration will be required from the government. This project may require GST registration, Udyog Aadhaar registration (optional), brand name of the product. Not only this, basic things like NOC will be required from the State Pollution Control Board. A business license will have to be obtained from the local municipal authority.

Paper Straw Business Cost

According to KVIC, the project cost of the paper straw-making business is Rs 19.44 lakh. Out of this, you have to spend only Rs 1.94 lakh from your pocket. You can take a term loan of the remaining Rs 13.5 lakh. Rs 4 lakh can be financed for working capital. This business will start in 5 to 6 months. To start a business, you can also take a loan from the PM Mudra Loan Scheme.

Demand for paper straws increased

When you drink a cold drink, coconut water, lassi, or any other beverage in any hotel, a straw is used for it. Straws are in demand from small juice businesses to big dairy companies. Due to environmental awareness among people, the demand for paper straws is increasing day by day.

The raw material required for paper straw

Three things are required as raw materials for paper straws. It requires Food Grade Paper, Food Grade Gum Powder, and packaging material. Apart from this, a paper straw-making machine is required. Whose price is around Rs 900000.

Know how much you will earn from paper straws

Earning in paper straw-making business can be in lakhs. According to a KVIC report, if you start a paper straw manufacturing business with 75 percent capacity, your gross sales will be Rs 85.67 lakh. After deducting all expenses and taxes, the annual income will be Rs 9.64 lakh. That means the income will be more than Rs 80,000 every month.

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