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Business Idea: Plant this valuable tree on the edge of the farm, you will earn lakhs in a few years..

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In today's era of modernization, modern methods of farming have also come and nowadays farmers are leaving traditional farming and turning to new types of crops. Along with medicinal farming, farmers are now also doing horticulture. Due to this, they get good income (business idea).

In such a situation, if farmers plant mahogany saplings in their fields, they will become rich in 10 to 12 years. Mahogany wood is very valuable. Mahogany wood is in huge demand in foreign countries also. Mahogany woods are used in making ships, furniture, plywood, decorations, and sculptures. The special thing is that mahogany wood is not harmed by water. Products made from this wood do not deteriorate for many years.

Gardening expert Mohammad Alam Khan said that farmers can also plant mahogany saplings on the banks of their fields. Usually, farmers plant Eucalyptus trees along the fields of their fields. Which will be ready in 5 years. But if you plant mahogany trees on the edge of your fields, they will be ready in 10 to 12 years. The cost of one tree ranges from 40 to 50 thousand rupees. For planting plants, the distance from plant to plant is kept at 7 to 8 feet. Generally, this plant is available in nurseries for Rs 50 to 70. It can be prepared in any climate.

Mahogany can be planted in any type of soil

The special thing is that mahogany trees can be grown in any climate except areas with snowfall. It can be planted in any type of soil. But if it is planted in loamy soil then it grows even better. The mahogany plant reaches a height of 50 feet to 150 feet.

Mahogany wood, bark, and leaves are very useful

Mahogany is one such plant. Whose wood, bark, and leaves are also very useful. Mahogany seed oil is extracted and used in mosquito repellents and insecticides. Its leaves and bark are also used in preparing many types of medicines.

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