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Business Idea: Start this business with little money, you will earn Rs 40 to 50 thousand every month..

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Kulhad Selling Business Idea - Everyone dreams of having their own business. But most people are not able to start their business due to low budget, whereas if you are confused about what kind of business to start. If started, it will not cost much and the earnings will also be quite good. So now you don't need to worry. Today we are going to tell you about a business that you can start at a low cost and earn up to Rs 50 thousand every month. Let us know in detail in the news below-

The business about which we are going to tell you today is the business of selling Kulhar. You can start this business with low investment and earn big money. To start the business of Kulhar selling (how to start a business), you will have to spend only Rs 8 thousand.

Kulhar business can be started in two ways. You can do this by making the first kulhad. The second method is related to service. In this you do not have to make Kulhars, you just have to buy them and sell them.

We are going to tell you the great way. That's the second one. In this, you have to buy from Kulhar makers and sell to other shopkeepers. For this you neither need any price location nor do you need much space.

Understand the complete calculation to earn Rs 40 to 50 thousand -

Tea is consumed in Kulhar shops and it is bought in bulk for 70 to 80 paise. In such a situation, suppose you buy 10 thousand kulhads for 80 paise, then their price becomes 8 thousand rupees. In such a situation, if you sell the same kulhad for Rs 2, then the kulhad will be sold to you for Rs 1.20. After this, you will get a profit of Rs 12 on selling the entire Kulhar. That means you will get Rs 2,000 as a benefit. According to this, you will be able to earn an income of 40 to 50 thousand rupees.

The shop will have to be opened at these places -

To start this business (how to start a business), first you will have to find such shops where you will be able to sell Kulhar. For this, find such tea sellers who sell more tea.

  There will be such tea vendors around you. Along with this, you can also talk at railway stations, bus stands, hotel, and dhaba. You can do this work in the evening also. You have to talk only at such places where good money is available and the deal is confirmed.

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