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Business Idea: This low-cost business will generate significant income, know the process to start it..

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Many types of leaves are traded on a large scale in India. Like banana leaves, saku leaves, betel leaves. It is also a major source of employment in many parts of the country. These leaves are needed at different places. The two most important leaves among these are banana leaf and betel leaf. The demand for these leaves always remains everywhere in every season. A good income can be earned from the leaf business. If we talk about bananas, till now only banana fruits have been used in India.

In some areas of South India, food is also served in banana leaves. Apart from this, betel leaves are in good demand in North and East India. Sakhu leaves are used like banana leaves in hilly areas. Let us tell you how to start the business of these leaves.

Banana leaf

Banana leaves are also used in worship. Money can also be earned through this. Plates are made from banana leaves. In South India, people even eat food in it. In such a situation, its demand continues to increase. Therefore there, its demand does not decrease. You can earn bumper income by selling banana leaves in South India. This has also employed a section of people. There is also an advantage here that there is no cost to you in leaf cultivation. The cost will be covered by the sale of bananas. Therefore here you will get double the profit.

saku leaf

The Sakhu tree is generally found in hilly areas. But it is found in almost all the forests of North India. It is quite tall and its leaves are wide. Its wood is also sold very expensive. From its leaves to its roots, they are sold at a very high price. Sakhu leaves are plucked and used in marriages also. Along with this, it is also used in eating food and making many types of items. Big money can also be earned from Sakhu leaves.

Betel leaf

Almost everyone knows betel leaf and also uses it. People also eat a lot of it. Be it North or South, everywhere people are crazy about this leaf. It is used in all works of worship. Without this, the puja cannot be completed. It is cultivated in many states. The government also provides subsidies to promote betel cultivation.

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