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Business Idea: This business will run well in summers, you will earn big money every month..

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Summer has started showing its strong attitude and this season is great for you to start a new business. If you are looking for a business that gives huge profits with low investment, then you can start it by setting up an ice cube factory.

The demand for ice cubes remains strong throughout the summer season. Be it a village or a city, this business runs well in this season. In such a situation, you can earn good money by setting up an ice cube factory. This business can be started continuously for just one lakh rupees and looking at the demand, the scope of loss in it is very less.

Demand from streets to expensive restaurants
Talking about the demand for Ice Cube is seen in all big restaurants, pubs, or shops in streets and neighborhoods. As the heat increases, its demand also starts increasing at the same pace and the profits of the businessmen doing its business also start increasing at the same pace.

In such a situation, in this summer season, you can earn a lot by starting an ice cube business. The special thing is that it is not necessary that you set up an Ice Cube Factory only in urban areas. You can also set it up in your village. Because the demand for ice cubes has increased in villages these days. Therefore, there are more possibilities of growth in the ice cube business and you can also supply your product in urban areas.

Registration is required to start a factory
To start an ice cube factory, you need to get registered in your nearest administrative office. Once registered, a large freezer will be needed to start this Ice Cube Factory.

Ice is frozen through this only. You can also make ice in different designs and attract customers. This can give your product a different identity in the market and increase your earnings.

The expense of starting a factory?
You can start the Ice Cube business with an initial investment of just one lakh rupees. Using this amount, first of all, you have to buy a deep freezer, the estimated price of which starts around Rs 50,000.

Apart from this, you will also have to buy some other equipment, which is useful in this business. Then as your business grows bigger, keep buying equipment as per the need. However, before getting into the business of making ice cubes, do some research about it. Also find out about the nearest market, where you will be able to sell your product easily.

How much earning is possible per month
If you start an ice cube business with one lakh rupees continuously, then you can earn around Rs 30,000 every month. At the same time, due to increasing demand during the wedding season, you can also earn up to Rs 50,000 per month. However, this income can be according to the sale and demand of your product. Usually, Ice Cube Packets are sold in the market for Rs 15-20, and with the increase in demand with the heat, their price reaches Rs 40-50 per packet.

Usually, there is no need to go anywhere to sell ice. Buyers from the area where your factory is located will come themselves. You can sell your ice to ice cream shops, hotels, restaurants, fruit stores and vegetable vendors.

Like every business, you will also need to promote your factory, which can increase your income. Apart from this, nowadays it is also being sold online, so you can also sell the ice cubes prepared in your factory by joining online platforms.

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