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Business Idea: Start this business once and you will keep earning for years, know the complete process of starting it...

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More income from a job can be done in business. Everyone knows this but if money is not invested in the right business and planning is not done properly then there is a lot of loss in the business. Many people lose lakhs of rupees due to lack of proper planning in business.

Therefore, before starting any business, proper planning is very important to understand its demand and take it forward. The business idea we are telling you about today can make you good profits. Because the demand for that business is very high and it is going to increase further in future.

Here we are talking about the business of making cardboard. Cardboard Business is one such idea, the demand for which is continuously increasing. Due to the increase in online demand for goods, demand for cardboard is also increasing.

Many companies selling goods online pack their small to big products in cardboard and send them to customers. At the same time, many items sold in retail stores are now coming packed in cardboard.

How to start cardboard business

To start this business, first of all, you will need raw materials. The most important raw material is kraft paper. You get it in the market for around Rs 30 to 40 per kg. Let us tell you that the better your craft paper is, the better will be the quality of the box.

To start this business, you will need about 5000 square feet of space because in this business you have to set up a plant and also build a warehouse to store the goods. You should not start the cardboard box business in a very crowded place because in such a situation you will face difficulty in bringing and carrying the goods. Most people do this business only on a large level.

What machines will be needed?

The machines used in this business are expensive. You will need a machine to cut cardboard. Semi-automatic and fully automatic machines are used for cutting cardboard. If you want to start the business on a small scale, then you can buy low-cost semi-automatic machines, but if you want to start the business on a larger scale, then full automatic machines will be better. This will save time in making cardboard and you will be able to prepare more goods. If you buy a semi-automatic machine, you will have to invest around Rs 20 lakh. At the same time, about Rs 50 lakh will be spent on a fully automatic machine.

how much will be saved?

You can earn a good income in the business of making cardboard boxes. If we talk about profit in this business, its demand remains the same throughout the year. In recent times, the market of e-commerce companies has grown very rapidly. Nowadays people like to do online shopping. In such a situation, strong cardboard is required to deliver goods online. The profit margin in this business is also very high. If you can get customers and market it well, then you can earn Rs 5 to 10 lakh annually by starting this business.

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