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Business Idea: Start this business in 5 to 10 thousand, you will easily earn 30 to 40 thousand every month..

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Many businesses can be started with less capital. If you are also looking for such a business, you will get a lot of options. There are many such businesses in which good income is earned. In some businesses, you can easily earn up to 30-40 thousand rupees. However, this income can be made only when customers come in good numbers. If you start work in a big city (latest business idea), then the earnings can be even higher.

Start this business for Rs 5000
These days it is the era of gadgets. Every person has a smartphone and many people are also making reels. So, you just have to do business related to this. You will have to take a shop for this. If the shop is on rent, then starting the business may cost more. We are talking about the mobile accessories business. You can keep these things in it:

Tempered glass
Stylish mobile cover
Mobile charger
Small fan
Lighting speaker
Mobile stand
Card reader
Selfie stick
Ring light
Spy camera etc.

You can tie up with companies.
Mobile accessories are not very expensive. Keep only a few things in the beginning and know the demand of the customer. When you know which things can sell more at that place, then later increase those things in the shop. Talk to a manufacturing company for things like earbuds, ear phones, etc. Companies give more goods for less money.

Buy things in bulk
Things like earphones, and mobile covers are available very cheap. A mobile cover of Rs 100 available in the market is available in electronic markets like Thagirth Palace in Delhi for Rs 10 to 20. However, these are wholesale rates. Many such things can be bought here at very cheap prices. You can also find good sellers from the India Mart website and buy goods from them.

Keep more video accessories
These days the craze of making reels is very high. In such a situation, keep more such things that are used more in making reels. Such as ring light, color light, decorative items, etc. At the same time, keep an eye on the mobile accessories market around the world and bring more such things that are in demand in the market.

Earning throughout the year
The mobile accessories business is a business that runs throughout the year. This business gives you income for 12 months. As the things get sold, keep increasing the goods in the shop. You can easily earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees from a mobile accessories shop. If the shop is in a crowded area, then the earnings can be higher.

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