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Budget 2024: There may be a big announcement in the budget regarding tax, the limit of tax exemption can be increased


The budget 2024 of the new term of the Modi government will come in July this month. Although the date is not yet fixed, the budget will be presented this month. Experts estimate that the government may consider giving tax relief while promoting the common people.

Announcement may be made regarding tax.

Along with this, a big announcement can also be made in the budget. According to media reports, the government may increase the tax exemption limit from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh under the new tax system in the upcoming budget.

There may be a change in the tax slab.

It is also believed that changes can also be made in the tax slab under the old tax system. Experts say that the focus of the government is to make maximum investments to advance the GDP growth of the country by giving tax relief to the middle class.

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