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Big news for PF account holders... EPFO ​​has changed these 4 rules


The Employees Provident Fund (EPFO) has recently made a new change which is a relief for its members.

Talking about the most recent change, EPFO ​​has now given a big relief to the members on online claim settlement and has made the process easier.

Under the rule change made by EPFO, now the picture of the check leaf and the photo of the bank passbook will not have to be uploaded for online claim settlement.

Earlier, changes related to the facility of auto settlement, multi-location claim settlement, and faster death claim payment have also been made recently.

In the circular issued by EPFO ​​on 8 May 2024, emphasis has been laid on establishing coordination at the regional level.

Under this, now the responsibility of establishing proper communication between DRO and CRO will be of RPFCS.

Now if any EPF account holder dies and his Aadhaar Card is not linked to the account, still his money will be paid easily.

For this, the seal of the regional officer will be required, after which the money will be directly given to the nominee without any hindrance. Earlier this process used to take a long time. On 13 May 2024, a new circular was issued by EPFO ​​​​regarding auto settlement. In this, the auto settlement was announced under Rule 68B for house and Rule 68K for education and marriage.

On 16 April 2024, a circular was issued under 68J to increase the amount of payment for medical