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Big action by WhatsApp! 2 crore accounts banned to curb online scam


WhatsApp has banned more than 2 crore 23 lakh accounts in India between January and March this year. This is almost double compared to last year. This figure shows that online fraud and user security are becoming a big concern in India. WhatsApp has said in its report that there were some specific reasons behind taking action against the accounts that were closed in India between January and March. These reasons are made under the Information Technology Rules of the year 2021 of the Government of India.

There were mainly three main reasons behind closing these accounts:

User complaints: Many Indian users have filed complaints through WhatsApp's complaint redressal system. Based on those complaints, action was taken on some accounts.

Breaking laws or rules: Some accounts were blocked because they were breaking Indian law or WhatsApp's own rules. WhatsApp itself uses methods to catch such accounts.

GAC orders: In some cases, the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) had ordered WhatsApp to take action on some accounts. WhatsApp followed those orders.

WhatsApp's monthly report for January, February, and March of the year 2024 shows that more and more accounts were closed every month. In January alone, WhatsApp closed more than 67 lakh accounts, out of which more than 13 lakh accounts were deactivated even before any user complained.

Yet WhatsApp continued to block more accounts. More than 76 lakh accounts were removed in February 2024, of which more than 14 lakh were closed without any complaints. This trend continued in March 2024 also, where a total of 79 lakh 54 thousand accounts were closed, out of which 14 lakh 30 thousand accounts had already been deactivated. These figures show that in the last three months, WhatsApp has already started taking steps to stop suspicious activities along with closing more and more accounts.

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